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Every Life is a Story-Every Story has a Life. I love to write stories to inspire. Biographies, film reviews, and a touch of humor. Life is for learning, always.


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A comprehensive directory for Day Tripping

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About seventeen years ago, I had the occasion to visit a new museum that opened near Trafalgar square in London, UK. The display was divided into two sections, the first being a walkthrough of the bunker offices where Churchill and his command team operated during WWII.

The second part of the museum tour is dedicated entirely to the life of Sir Winston Churchill. There is no doubting the significance of this individual’s place in history, but what interested me most about this section of the museum was the new technology being implemented to exhibit his life.

The most prominent of…

Life is filled with Crossroads. Choosing those which fire the imagination

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As we move through life we are met with choices. If you move slowly, the choices are bountiful, and sometimes too many.

So you speed up a bit, travelling past successive crossroads at a pace where a decision isn’t an option. Then, you find you’re moving faster and faster, and the intersections slip by in a blur, leaving you to fly on without the knowledge that a choice even exists.

What on earth does this have to do with my biography, you ask?

I have seen my life at various speeds, and I have to say I’m enjoying this one…


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Get a little more bang from your viewing pleasure

A lone woman sitting in a movie theater waiting to be intrigued
A lone woman sitting in a movie theater waiting to be intrigued
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If you are exhausted from watching an endless stream of regurgitated Superhero movies or bad sitcoms, or you’ve had your fill of cop shows and hospital dramas, please join me on my quest to reignite the passion for thought-provoking cinema entertainment.

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Let’s Holiday Early This Year

Watch Again What The Very Best Of Film Offers

The Misguided Perception Of Truth


Our Joy Of Cinema Voyeurism

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Celebrating The Undisputed Champion of Movie Villainy


Saloons, Brothels, and Shootouts…


At least, my family thinks I am

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The play on words aside, a better fiction writer is what I aspire to be, and reading better writers like Liam Ireland and Britni Pepper inspire me to pick up my game. Finding these terrific writers on ILLUMINATION-Curated and ILLUMINATION has somehow lit a fire in my brain.

Their inspiration and my own love for ‘the story’ has become the spark that propels me. Money is a lovely and useful thing to have with the right perspective, but writing stories that resonate are for me, the ultimate prize.

As a filmmaker, I have always been drawn to visual narratives and…

Cinema — Myths and Meaning🎥

How to get more from your viewing experience

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Movies of the past still hold magical powers of imagery and symbolism that resonate today.

If you appreciate the artistry and detail that goes into filmmaking and you would like to explore cinema’s rich and diverse history with a discerning eye, please join me on a journey of rediscovery. You may even find a few new surprises along the way.

Each month, I will offer up two or three titles for viewing at your leisure. My goal is to explore these selections in detail and how they connect with today’s world. Exploring genres and film conventions in ways you may…

Musical Pandemic Challenge

All futures are possible

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I discovered this supergroup quite by accident about four years ago. I’ve always loved the sounds from Stephen Stills’ music, and now I also found a new appreciation for Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s talents.

Combine the Soul of Gladys Knight’s iconic melody with the grit of Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Barry Goldberg, and you receive a massive gift that’s just right for the times we live in.

This one song above most others reminds me that no matter how bad I think I have it, there’s always a clear path forward. You’ve just got to use your imagination. KTBA!

Sieges, Stages, and Songwriters

By Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Last Stand

Three years after sacking the city of Jerusalem and the Second Temple, the Roman Army arrived at the peak of Masada, Judea in 73 AD. The 850-acre city on top of a plateau in the southern desert had become the last defensive bastion for the Jewish rebellion. The rebels were the last Jewish community after the siege of Jerusalem, and vowing never to become subservient to the Romans, they made their last stand on the mountaintop.

The Roman army spent months building a ramp that snaked its way up the side of the mountain to attack their trapped…

Lost, Founded, and Rescued

By GodefroyParis — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

An Icon Lost

Laying in a borrowed bed that is too small for his 6foot, 4inch frame, President Abraham Lincoln died in 1865 at the home of a local Washington tailor named William Peterson. The gunshot wound to the back of the President’s head was so severe, he could neither travel back to the White House nor be operated on to remove the bullet lodged behind his left ear.

Instead, Lincoln was laid out diagonally on a bed inside Peterson’s home where family and close colleagues came to pay last respects. …

BOOK CHAPTERS BY Stuart Englander

From O. Henry to Rod Serling, and other short stories in between

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my first collection of short stories. I hope you enjoyed them. If you would like a Kindle or paperback copy please visit here.

A special note of gratitude goes to Dr Mehmet Yildiz for providing writers of all stripes with this platform to promote our larger works. He is a true visionary.

Stay tuned for my newest chapters of a new novel.

Book cover image property of the author, available at

Relevance From Nowhere

Jason’s eyes popped open suddenly as he shifted his body in the plastic seat. Looking around, it stunned him to find himself seated aboard a sea-faring tour boat…

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