I Will Remember that…

Social Distancing Need Not Mean Being Anti-Social!

Stuart Englander


Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash

When this madness is over and the hardships we have collectively suffered from boxing ourselves in are finally behind us, there are moments from the experience of COVID-19 we should all remember well. I know I will.

While it may have seemed to some that the light at the end of the tunnel was attached to an oncoming train, it should be more evident than ever that the light of day also came with a combined effort of gargantuan proportion. It is equally important, I believe, to bear witness and retain some of the negative influences we endured because they too are the building blocks to a better future.

There have been, and there will always be people who impact our lives for the better, even in the smallest of ways. Unfortunately, there will always be times when positive influencers are met head-on by doubters, deniers and parasites. We would be wise to remember them all though so that we can take stock of our good fortune when this strangeness finally ends.

To my way of thinking, there are three groups of people in constant conflict, that I will have to remember most when I return to normal life. They should serve as a stark reminder that even though we may be temporarily separated, we will always be dependent on the actions of others in our daily lives.

When we do come through this crisis, I for one will remember my experiences with these groups and hopefully, learn to be a better human.

1. There were Communicators and there were Pontificators:

I will remember the tireless efforts of medical professionals and academics who were suddenly thrust into roles as information providers. These were the people we relied upon to provide sound counsel and proactive methods for combating and beating this global outbreak.

I will also remember the individuals who used broadcast platforms to publicly deny the seriousness of our collective circumstance, solely to promote their partisan agenda.

I will remember the professionalism of responsible journalists who continued to practice sound principles while risking their personal safety to bring us the information we craved.



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