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About seventeen years ago, I had the occasion to visit a new museum that opened near Trafalgar square in London, UK. The display was divided into two sections, the first being a walkthrough of the bunker offices where Churchill and his command team operated during WWII.

The second part of the museum tour is dedicated entirely to the life of Sir Winston Churchill. There is no doubting the significance of this individual’s place in history, but what interested me most about this section of the museum was the new technology being implemented to exhibit his life.

The most prominent of these displays was a large table in the centre of the room utilizing touchscreen technology in an ingenious way. The table itself was at least fifteen feet long by about eight feet wide, and as one walked around it, there were blocked off sections pertaining to each year of Churchill’s life along the table’s edge.

If you touched on a single year, the block opened to twelve separate files for each month of that year. Touch on any month and every day of that month would be revealed on the display table as another file. All the while, the entire surface of the table displayed old film footage of world wars in a chronological march through time on a loop, complete with silhouetted planes flying across the screen.

Needless to say, I found this compartmentalized system fascinating. If you have the opportunity to visit London, I highly recommend this tour. The system used to portray Churchill’s life is also the inspiration for my daily walk through the calendar which I call;

Day Tripping

My trip through the past began with my first story on February first.

I will be regularly updating every category of the calendar for east reference to my daily stories. Feel free to come back and choose days at random, or in any order that suits.

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